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We are a group
of people who just
love playing basketball...
and winning.



Flames Basketball Club was created in 2007 with a vision to improve and encourage girls participation in sport within the Wyndham Community. Now, in 2018 we have 35 teams consisting of 12 girls teams and 23 boys teams. Next season, we will increase both the girls and boys teams by 2 based off recent enquiries.

Amazing staff
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Our Vision

We’ve got the ability to coach you and if you join us, we will.

Paint A Path

Flames was created to make and show opportunities for people of all age and size and we strive to do that. From every match to every game, we push you to the limits, show you what you can truly do and pave a path for you to finish.

Create A Community

Flames was formed 11 years ago to encourage sport in the community and we believe we've done that. We have created a sense of community within our group which encourages us and pushes us as a group to keep going, to keep working harder and to keep playing better.

Create A Voice

When Flames was created, we intended to make a voice. A voice that would carry the hard work and dreams of all the people who had not had the opportunity to play basketball. A voice that would be heard by people all around Wyndham. Nowadays, we are being heard and we are making that voice bigger, one player at a time.

Build our skills

We've talked about wanting people to hear us and building a path for our players, but in the end, we're all here for one thing. Basketball. We are here to build our skills, from the first dribble, to the hundredth free throw. We are here to watch our sons and daughters become better players and better people.

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